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About Us

Schooltastic was founded in December 2014 in Austria. Experts from both, Education and Health, shared their knowledge and experience to develop an innovative educational game that meets students needs in every day school life. 


"Move Learn Play"


Schooltastic connects daily physical activities and curriculum based knowledge in one game. So the impact is three-dimensional and effectively 3 times as much.


  • Health and fitness in the classroom (sport exercises)

  • Academic level (questionnaire)

  • Fun factor (board game)

  • Kindergarten up to Primary School grade 5

  • Schooltastic can be adapted for SEN students at any level for any subject in any language

Team members:

Alexander Lerch, CEO

Marianne Lerch, Confidential Clerk / Back Office

Christian Kemp, CTO / Produkt Development

Peter Kremling, Content Development

Lara Pittino, Marketing and PR

Stipe Perkovic´, Software Development

Valentino Vukadinović, Software Development

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