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Schooltastic connects daily physical activities and curriculum based knowledge into one game.

How Schooltastic works?
What is Schooltastic?
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Schooltastic is a software-supported board game for up to 5 teams, which can be adapted to any topic of everyday school life with individual questions and quiz modules to playfully transfer knowledge. The Schooltastic software enables every teacher to enter questions on current curriculum based topics and to develop them in a playful way according to the pupils' skills and needs.

Modules such as quizzes, jigsaw puzzles, memory, mathematics, cloze texts, video, audio and slideshows are combined with simple exercise units, which are carried out jointly by all pupils.

What is Schooltastic and how can it be integrated into the daily curriculum in class?


Schooltastic was developed to make the daily exercise and sports unit in kindergartens, elementary schools, new middle schools and vocational schools possible. This is the unique combination of special movement exercises to increase the ability to concentrate, the general physical capacity and the possibility to prepare the subject matter in a playful way and to test the pupils’ knowledge through games/quizzes. Schooltastic can be adapted to the needs and abilities of the pupils and integrated into the school curriculum in a playful way.

The daily exercise and sports unit finally has a name!
The Daily Exercise
An innovative idea

“An innovative idea that can be implemented, a milestone in the development of teaching aids and the use of modern technology. At the same time, it solves the common theme "Daily exercise unit" - Schooltastic brings the daily gymnastics lesson directly into the classroom!“

Director of  new middle School OSR Alfred Lehner, Burgenland

A wonderful way to combine teaching and learning content with physical exercise

Schooltastic is a wonderful way to combine teaching and learning contents with physical exercise. This platform, with its exercise and games offer, is aimed not only at the subject of physical education and sports but also at all subjects in order to integrate physical exercise units into lessons. It is simply possible to combine the daily exercise and sports unit with repeating and consolidating learning contents in all subjects. A successful product I can recommend to any school that recognises, physical exercise is important for learning.

Director of european new middle School Mag. Nikolaus Schermann

  • A playful way of teaching the school curriculum

  • Daily exercise for our children and adolescents (in the age groups of 3 to 5, 6 to 10 and 11 to 18-year olds)

  • Simple implementation and feasibility for teachers

  • No changing clothes or gymnasium necessary

  • Schooltastic is the centre of attention in classroom, schoolyard or auditorium

  • Individualy adaptable quiz questions  for all subject matters, learning goals and topics

  • Improvement of concentration and memory capacity through specific exercises

  • Promoting team building skills (teams of 2 and group tasks)

  • Available in German, English, French, Italian, Spanish and Arabic.

What makes Schooltastic so unique
How to use Schooltastic
Schooltastic can be used in 3 different ways:

1. Schooltastic to perform the daily exercise unit:

The implementation of the daily exercise and sports unit in schools and kindergartens. Schooltastic’s primary goal is to provide optimal support.

2. Schooltastic as information game and knowledge transfer

To playfully work on topics by using pictures (slideshow), videos, songs (for dancing and singing), sounds to be guessed mixed with movement exercises to loosen up again and again.

3. Schooltastic as a learning game

To playfully test the knowledge on topics/ subject matters already taught/discussed using a multimodal game. The 1.65 x 1.14 m playing mat with the corresponding cones and a foam die provides all pupils with enough room to roll the die on the floor, bring the cones to the correct position and perform the exercises around the mat.

•  Playing mat made of high-quality banner material for indoor and outdoor use incl. printed packaging roll

• 10 playing cones (2 each in 5 different colours)

• 1 sturdy nylon carrying bag

• A4 sheets with 26 stickers each

• Schooltastic CMS (for centralized recording of individual content including movement exercises)

• Schooltastic App for max. 1 device (1 Tablet or 1 Smartphone) for knowledge transfer with the daily exercise unit

• CMS-School-licence for up to 20 teachers

• SaaS (Service as a Software) – Licence for 1 year (Support und Updates)•

What is included in the sets?

Basic contents (Mathematics School level 1 to 4, All year round, Water, Pets, Animals of the forest, Christmas, The Weather, etc.)

• APP and CMS instruction (available in DE / EN / FR / IT / ES / movement exersices in AR)

• Prices for training courses and possible interfaces subject to agreement

The Schooltastic Sets

Schooltastic App & CMS (languages DE / EN / FR / IT / ES)

Tablet Samsung 10,1” LTE or Apple iPad

Playing mat big (161 cm x 114 cm)

dice, cones, tablet-stand


Schooltastic App & CMS (languages DE / EN / FR / IT / ES)

Tablet Samsung 10,1” LTE or Apple iPad

Playing mat small (59 cm x 42 cm)

dice, cones, tablet-holder


Schooltastic App & CMS (languages DE / EN / FR / IT / ES)

Playing mat big (161 cm x 114 cm)

dice, cones


Schooltastic App & CMS (languages DE / EN / FR / IT / ES)

Playing mat small (59 cm x 42 cm)

dice, cones

Tablet Stand

Sturdy tablet stand incl. blue metal tablet holder (powder-coated incl. removable plastic holder for the table)

Tablet Holder

Blue plastic tablet holder for the table

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